Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday ... Don't Relax

Adults, do you remember Summer Vacation? When we finished school and all the hard work paid off and the relief settled in?
The ZITS cartoon pretty much demonstrates the level of relaxation by students who have finished their latest year of school. Our VBS workers are feeling sort of the same way after finishing our long week of Outreach. WHEW! It's over. I got another pie in the face - this year, my WIFE was the agent of swift whipped cream and graham cracker destruction to my cranium. Though, I will say that dried whipped cream in hair can withstand hurricane force winds and support small woodland creature nests.
The Most Important thing about VBS week is that multiple children made professions of Faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Their lives will forever be changed because of the dedication and creativity of over 100 workers at our church. Thank you everyone for making a mark on ETERNITY!
Looking back to the cartoon above, after big events and spiritual highs, I believe there is a level of relaxation, maybe too much relaxation in our Spiritual Life as well. We go through something stressful and spiritually challenging and we come through it with fortitude and to the Glory of God. Afterward, part of us wants to celebrate and rejoice. But there is another part - one that we don't see very much and may not realize is active. That second part is our flesh that just wants to relax and reflect on the victory. This relaxation could be dangerous if it means that we "sit on the couch" and won't even do the things we normally do for Spiritual Upkeep.
This can lead to ....
Less Resistance to Temptation
Sinful Activity
Lack Of Accountability
Harsh Attitudes
Lack Of Discipline in the Spiritual Disciplines like Bible Reading, Prayer Time, Memorizing God's Word

So, if you are coming off of a spiritual peak in your life, and you saw God move on the heights, keep doing the things you were doing before the Mountain Top Experience. God rewards those that seek His Face, and strive to see Him high and lifted up. They may not be the rewards we think of first, but it will be His and ultimately the fulfillment we need.
It's Friday, Don't Relax!