Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Walk Through Washington...

This blog post has political overtones. I guess that is a warning. But really it is just something i wanted to remember. I found a video commentary on Focus on the Family STOPLIGHT by Stuart Shepard. He does an amazing job with short videos meant to inspire, raise awareness, and motivate Christians to get involved in our countries political processes. So, in reading this - it has a little to do with the present administration, but A LOT to do with what I will do in November. I will vote. Moreover, I will vote my VALUES.

I do not agree with all of the litany from the candidates coming from Washington, but I understand our Country's Election process and know what my values are. I have a voice. My voice, My Vote, has been given to me as a right. I intend to use it. I will vote for the candidate that most closely represents my values. What are my values? My values are stated in Washington - IN STONE. Take a look:

** There are other videos on this site that I hope you will look at and bookmark. They will become more frequent the closer we get to November.