Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Morning

We found a hot spot Saturday morning! 
All fish caught on artificial lures. 
Dad only caught two or three, haha. M caught 9-10 with the biggest going a little over 2 lbs. These below stayed for dinner, 🎣

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ever Wonder...?

Parents, ever wonder how to arm yourself with good information to keep up with your kids and balance the influences they deal with? Ever wonder how to have this information so you can talk about purchases before the conversation comes up?

Below is a link to a great site, the CPYU - the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. The link is to the TOP 10 Lists of what is most popular right now. But there is a ton of information offered to parents on the rest of the site too. Before you leave the site, click on the home page banner in order to see all there is to offer. 


Top 10 Lists of Media Consumption.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Are You Fighting the New Drug?

Everyone knows that the Internet when used properly is a good thing most of the time. It is a bit wearisome when good folks refuse, simply refuse, to deal with the seedier side of the Internet. We eschew family filters, accountability software and other boundaries because it "limits us" or it "keeps back good research." That is another blog for another day - but suffice it to say there is a Greek word for excuses like that - Bologna! We should and can easily protect our minds and families very cheaply or free!
Finally, a major company is taking a major positive step in the right direction. Click the link below to see what Google has done. The link will also direct you to a resource page called Fight The New Drug where you can follow and read about other posts regarding the fight against the new drug.

Fight The New Drug

Monday, April 21, 2014

Post Easter Traumatic Let Down...

What is the big deal? Why do so many people show up on Easter? It makes me think of a quote by Augustine of Hippo. "You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you."

I think that restless hearts could be part of the contributor to the high attendance; restless hearts still searching for rest through possessions, relationships, filterless living and yet finding no satisfaction. Seeking a church to do it all for them, and finding out the problem remains...within.
Then Easter rolls around and there is a drawing in the soul back to family and the little church in the wildwoods where Mamaw and Papaw went...a nagging question in the back of the mind...what anchored Mamaw and Papaw when they didn't have half of the possessions that we have? I have the house and financial security, why do I feel so...unstable?
And these thoughts turn the beat of a restless heart to dress up and look our best for family and friends, to the Church, to God. But there is more. There is the Celebration found in the Death and Life of the same man, in the same event - The Atonement of Jesus Christ. Crowds are still drawn to remember, to be prodded in the soul and start anew the trek of finding rest.
But know this seeker...back-slidden believer...broken one - that the search for rest will go on - and the Easter weekend will only be a day filled with new clothing, candy and cute cuddly chicks until we find our rest in the reality that Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected to satisfy the wrath of God and give our souls rest. We were right when we thought that Mamaw and Papaw had an anchor for the soul - Most likely they did! They found their heart's rest in Jesus' Blood and Sacrifice.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stress Relief

Seen and heard at The Honey Hole! 
5 lbs 11 oz. on a Luck E Strike swimbait.

These others were so nice I invited them to dinner. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

We're Debt Free!

.mov file for Quicktime      

.wmv file for Windows 

This is a celebration video that we are sending to Dave Ramsey - it is not edited, but it is a good reminder what God did through us. $1 Million dollars is no small amount and some said it could not be done in Clarkson, Ky. We give God the glory and want to let everyone know.

If you would like more information about Clarkson Baptist there is a link below to the website for some family resources and recent sermons. Clarkson Baptist is a great body of believers. They are loving and accepting, and we have a place for you too. If you are interested in our church I would urge you to come visit, and get ready for God to challenge to more than you can imagine. Until then, the website is a low-key, no pressure way to get an idea of what our church is like.

Clarkson Baptist Church

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Long Time...

Here it is March 2014 - the end of March and Kentucky Basketball is still in the thick of the tournament. The Cats just advanced to the Final Four tonight, beating Michigan in ANOTHER thriller. Storybook tournament thus far, beating undefeated Wichita State, then Louisville in last second fashion, and then this evening Michigan in yet another tight game.

I guess the purpose of this post is to say that there are other things besides basketball right now. God is moving around us and people are being drawn to Him - through us, and that's exciting. By us I mean believers, Clarkson Baptist and other churches in the county. God is good and He wants to use us for His glory. It takes strength and courage, yes, but He fights for us if we are willing to be used.

In other news, Clarkson Baptist paid off it's 1 million dollar building debt in December and we finally celebrated to commemorate the event. We had the program scheduled once, in February, and the crazy winter weather forced us to postpone for safety. We ended up doing it March 23rd to great success. We had over 263 people there, we burned the note, filled the sanctuary with smoke, one of the long tenured pastor families came back and spoke, we had a catered meal afterward and all of us enjoyed great fellowship.  It was a good day to be in the Lord's house.

This week, count your blessings for there is much to be thankful for. Be strong and courageous. Look closely for ways that God can use you in the madness of the world around us. God is moving, will you step out in faith?