Saturday, September 8, 2012


After a good nap, our middle daughter was feeling snuggly and in need of some Daddy time. I asked her if she wanted some lunch and she said yes, and then asked if I would hold her while she ate. Of course I agreed.
Upon finishing, she wanted to go ride bikes and asked if I could ride mine too. (almost daily the two oldest girls ask if I can run again, see Tendon Trouble post)
So, I decided to try to ride my bike. I have been released by my doctor to start PT next week but i've done no real resistance training yet except for some thera-band excercises.
It is hard saying no to my daughters time and again over the last twelve weeks. M and I managed 2 laps down the street and back. Success! Recovery is slow but happening.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rain Out and A Opossum

Last night the Faith & Community Night concert was rained out. There was an electrical storm that lasted three hours, and was totally fascinating to watch - from safely inside.
The Martin Ministerial Alliance worked countless hours to book CCM artists Shane and Shane and newcomer Lydia Walker for the Main Stage acts. It was disappointing to say the least.
However-ministry still happened as the Lord led me to several neat conversations over the course of the night.
AND, In other news there was a 'possum or Opossum on our porch. I love our cat. Really, I love our cat. One of the reasons is because he doesn't play well with rodents - of any size. Tiger faced off with the beast on the porch for several minutes.
The 'possum growled at him most of the time and Tiger was trying to show him around. "hey, here's my food bowl. Here's is my couch that I lounge on.
"hey, want to see my towel?!"
Growwel! (I poke my head all the way out the door)
"this is my master guy! He scratches under my chin and behind my ears"
Finally the 'possum gets bored, turns and actually goes after the food, and then Tiger goes off on him. He swats at him and chases the big rat off the porch.
The Moral?
Don't mess with a Fat Cats food!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mobile Test

Thought I would post an update on my ankle and Achilles repair. Here is a picture of the healing.

I'm doing pretty good and hoping to be starting Physical Therapy this week or next week. This is a long recovery process. Jessica and the girls have been too good to me. I love my wife.!