Friday, November 23, 2012


I witnessed this phenomena five or six times an hour with my nephews over this Thanksgiving week!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Walking Drum

One of my favorite childhood authors is Louis L'Amour. He primarily wrote Westerns before he died, but among his books is one written about the Middle Ages and the touring caravans of nomadic people in  Europe. The Walking Drum   revolves around the key character of Kerbouchard, one of L'Amour's greatest heroes. He is a warrior, lover, scholar, and a "daring seeker of knowledge and fortune bound on a journey of enormous challenge, danger and revenge." The story ranges across Europe and the Russian steppes. To read this one is a near complete get away from the Westerns that L'Amour is famous for. L'amour is a wonderful, if somewhat predictable Western writer and I enjoyed reading over 100 of his books. 

What sticks out about The Walking Drum besides the change in the writing is I have read it at all the major transitions in my life. When I married, when I have moved, when I have made a spiritual leap, and every time I have proceeded to a new ministry position, The Walking Drum has been unpacked and reread. When the trader caravans moved to a new region, the drum beat kept time and gave warning for Kerbouchard and the others who lived by the drum beat.  The walking drum became a heartbeat of the people in the caravan.

As I am unpacking boxes, I look forward to finding that book again. I may read a few pages, but finding it and setting goals for this stop is more important. The book has become a symbol of a new place, a new people, a new time, and new opportunities to reach people. God is sovereign and only He knows how long we will stay in Clarkson. What is important is to serve wholeheartedly and use our gifts for His Kingdom while the time lasts. 

What's your heartbeat? I hope at the base of all you are about your heartbeat is Jesus. KNOW JESUS! There is nothing like the adventure of knowing Christ! Once that relationship is struck, there will always be a heartbeat within us to keep going, to know Him more and make Him known.