Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Most Active Chicken In The Yard

I went to a Pastor's conference this week and got preached to. No, wait that's a good thing. I am doing the preaching now and don't get to hear God's Word over me for me as much now.
One of the best quotes of the day was from Dr. Charles Carter of Alabama. Regarding busyness of people, specifically ministers, He said "Have you ever noticed that the most active chicken in the yard is the one that just got their neck wrung?"

That quote is hilarious and true. [In 7th Grade, I cooked a chicken start to finish, feathers to plate.We started with the sacrificial run, (ours actually clucked twice without a head)]

I saw this post today by John Acuff, and wanted to repost it about church staff burnout. Funny in parts, but also sadly true in many ways. He grew up a pastor's son as I did and much of what he said I have lived. The post is good, but the comments are written by people who are clearly on the edge of burnout - a dangerous place to be. My addition to this is that we need to be able to gently find No in our vocabulary and use it - for our family, and our spiritual growth. One of my goals as a pastor is to raise my children with a love for Jesus AND His church. That cannot happen if we are not allowed to say no, and if they are not allowed to be church members.

I accept life under the microscope, but I intentionally try to practice flexibility and rest for all five of us. My wife and kids are should have to be in focus all the time.