Monday, September 30, 2013

High Water...

South Fork of the Kentucky River
Back in the Spring of 2013, I went to a place where God is honored and depended on - Oneida Baptist Institute.

"Oneida Baptist Institute is a Christian boarding and day school for students, Christian and non-Christian, in grades 6-12 with a mission to provide structured living, learning and working environment in which each students is challenged to grow mentally, physically, socially spiritually in order to acquire an Education for Time and Eternity."

I experienced part of the flood of God's Grace on the school through the donations they receive but we also witnessed a flood of water due to several inches of rain that week.

Devotional Thoughts I had at the time:
1. Water took lots of garbage out of it hiding places - Jesus, the Living Water floods our souls and washes out the garbage that He finds there. 

2. The River of Life overwhelms us - and we see and feel its power in our lives. Eternal life will engulf us one day and all  - I wonder if some of the "garbage" will be missed opportunities.

3. This little snake was harmless but was a good reminder that God and his creation are alive and well at Oneida Baptist Institute. Pray for them as they make God's will known to the students and through the ministry that goes on there.
Black Rat Snake

Web Update...

Just an update to our Ministry Site. If you have a minute to surf around - we have updated our site at and would enjoy you being there and even commenting if you feel led.

Thanks. Have a great day today. Jesus Love You!

Monday, September 9, 2013

For Parents...

Everyone needs a reminder now and then. As I continue to pastor, I continue to realize the need to arm people. I cannot make their decisions for them. I cannot be their Holy Spirit, but I can give them information from the Bible and Bible based materials that can assist them, arm them. Properly used, these resources will help us all stay ready for the battle ahead.

One of the biggest distractions to a close walk with the Lord is media. To state the obvious, it is everywhere. It is liquid, simply a part of all we do now. Smart phones, HiDef TV's, movies, music on all the goes on and on. It seeps through every crack.

This post is simply to arm parents. This link below will take you to the PluggedIn Family Room, a resource to arm you as a parent or grandparent. Don't just bookmark it and forget it. Use it. Remove the tool and wield it. Take back the responsibility you have been given as a overseer.

When a child or teen comes to you with a suggestion for a movie and you are unsure you want to spend your money on garbage, but you like movies you should always check the content first!

Check PluggedIn for a good movie review and discussion points about not just the film, but about music too, and tv shows or Playstation games.

Immorality abounds, opportunity to be tripped up is constant, almost handed to us at times. Disciples must be dependent on the power of God in our lives. He will make us strong, but we must also be armed and PluggedIn is one weapon in the battle for purity.

Garbage in, Garbage out. I don't think any of us want that for our kids.